Leafy Grace



Plants for Outdoor

Bees & Butterfly Garden

Maintaining a healthy ecological balance in food chain by providing a conductive environment for the bees and butterflies to grow & coexist

Beautiful Landscape

Medicinal plants that work on healing human & soil

Sensory Garden for Kids

Working on sensitizing children towards nature and boosts their sensory development

Aromatic Garden

Designing a garden with specially curated aromatic herbs and flowers. These plants help in the natural healing of the body and mind

Plants for Indoor

Green scaping of Homes/Balcony/ Offices

With Vastu Friendly Plants. Customizing balcony and indoor spaces after assessing the light exposures Low maintenance plants for office spaces in elegantly designed planters for sprucing up the office and commercial areas according to existing light and other conditions

Kitchen Garden

Easy to grow, organic kitchen herbs for a nutritious and delicious meal as selected by you