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Why Eco- Friendly Alternatives Save Soil

  • All of the greatest ecological and social challenges of our time – biodiversity loss, food and water scarcity, global warming, poverty – are intimately linked to the health of soil. Without revitalizing soil, none of these issues can be holistically addressed.
  • Dying soil is responsible for 86% of biodiversity loss on the planet. Water scarcity is a result of degraded soil being unable to absorb water. Food of course, cannot grow unless soil is healthy.
  • Unhealthy soil is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Whereas healthy soil can actually absorb and remove almost 40% of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Worldwide, 52% of agricultural soil is already degraded, and an acre of soil turns into sand every second. According to the UN Food & Agricultural Organization, the world could run out of cultivable soil in 60 years. For soil to be able to support healthy crops, it must have at least 3% organic content. But here are some statistics from across the world:

  • 62% of the land in India has less than 0.5% of organic carbon.
  • The US has lost 50% of its topsoil.
  • 74% of the soil in southern European agricultural nations has less than 2% organic carbon.
  • Up to 65% of land in Africa that could have been used for agriculture is degraded, while desertification affects 45% of the continent’s land area.
  • 45% of croplands in South America and 74% in Mexico and Central America are degraded.
  • With the participation of 3.5 billion citizens, or 60% of the world’s voting population, together we can make this happen.

Leafy Grace Role

We are constantly striving to bring eco-friendly alternatives to instill a practice of choosing a zero waste lifestyle through various green products and practices. We are committed to enrich the soil by traditional organic manure (zero chemical manure and care) for house plants. When you buy and support these alternatives, you exhibit your conscious commitment to not throwing pollutants back into our surroundings. Our consciously curated products help corporates and our customers to forward their sustainable journey and reduce carbon footprint. Our décor section is a confluence of traditional and modern aesthetics for style and decor for garden, homes, office spaces.