Leafy Grace


About Us

About Our Journey

Together we can make a difference to Planet!!

We at Leafy Grace consistently work towards protecting our one and only planet and provide environment friendly range of products made in India and ship across India. We promote zero waste living and empower groups of local women entrepreneurs.

At our office, we take care of our natural fauna by protecting bees, butterflies and birds through our natural and conducive flora

Why We

We provide range of trendy eco-friendly gifts for corporate/bulk, that helps reducing carbon footprints
Chemical free gardening care for your plants (Manure and pest control through traditional ways)
We also create & redesign your farms, gardens with useful herbs, Vaastu plants, native fruits and traditional rare Indian trees and plants

How you can make a difference

Adopt zero waste, promote sustainable living and be a change maker!!
Small steps like changing your tooth brush and adopting plastic free life style can make a huge difference to coexist!!

Come, join us in making the world a greener and happier place to coexist.